ANA CEO, Prof. W. Kpanah Gowah Barnes, and ANA Global Medical Coordinator, Pauline Park-Maxwell, MSN, RN, NP, return from a global trip with stops in Africa and Europe:


ANA CEO, Dr. W. Kpanah Gowah Barnes and Madam Pauline Park-Maxwell, ANA Global Medical Coordinator recently visited the ANA West-Africa regional office in Accra and held a series of productive discussions with media executives, professionals and in-country and regional partners across Africa. The visits of these US based executives comes ahead of the Global Consultations/ Partnerships Conference, scheduled for March 2023 in Pennsylvania, USA.

Welcomed to the West-African Regional, Madam F. Hawanatu Frank, and Dr. Nana Owekusu, PhD, ANA Media Liaison for Ghana appreciated the visit, while reaffirming their teams’ commitments to investigate and report objective, while enlightening the public and as well, protecting the rights/ wellbeing of Africans and Africa.

For her part, Madam F. Hawanatu Frank, ANA Regional Media Coordinator, remarked that the long-lasting media partnership that has seen the successful implementation of numerous capacity building and educational programmes and projects across Africa and parts of the world certainly deserves expansion and support. Madam Frank further expressed that the valuable contributions from media partners and professional across the region- ANA members/ countries will immensely help to shape the trajectory of the organization. Similarly, for her part, the learned professor and media guru outlined how Ghana’s input in the upcoming Global Consultations will greatly help shape ANA’s next global Medium-Term Strategy for 2024-2026.

Prof. Barnes, ANA Global President/ CEO, thanked the leadership for its hospitality during his visit to the organization’s headquarters, while Madam Maxwell applauded the impact ANA has had on his HIV/ AIDS and COVID awareness campaigns in the region. Dr. Barnes and Prof. Maxwell also outlined how past and present joint initiatives have directly supported media progression/ development, enhanced democracy and human rights values/ principles, increased the country’s cross-border relationships and capacity developments, while creating enhanced check and balances for public officials.

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